Any business’ reputation begins with its operational mindset, and its actions or non-actions can result in its customers either posting something positive or negative online. Many books have been written on the best practices for product development, customer relations, and business operations, but very little information exists around how to clean up a bad reputation, negative editorial, or unfavorable content online.

Although some of the material covered in this book could be considered “guerrilla tactics” for market domination, digital penetration, branding hacks, or social manipulation, we will not be covering much traditional marketing, branding, public relations, customer relations, or business operations best practices.

That said, approaching this process with an education and some experience in the application of traditional best practices can be of great benefit. Those concepts and tactics for business growth and management are not without their value, and continue to serve business and individuals around the world.

For those that would consider this book incomplete without them, there is a section towards the end that does cover some of those concepts. But again, there are plenty of books dedicated to those topics and the purpose of this one is to empower the reader in ways the others simply cannot.

Furthermore, this is not a book that treads lightly around ethics, or potentially unsafe conduct. Without reservation, we expose strategies and tactics used by the most elite reputation management experts, with transparency and perspective on the options, risks, liabilities, impact, and viability of each.